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We have extensive experience in training business engineers, citizen developers and in realising scalable microservices architectures and UX frameworks across a wide range of industries through methods of co-creation.

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Kees Mensch


Kees is motivated by transforming ideas into bright results, while growing organizational potential through learning and knowledge sharing. He is a naturally insightful change- and program manager with a deep understanding of applying innovations to enhance company agility. Kees knows how to channel his seasoned expertise in management of projects and project portfolios. His professionalism in technology applications, management, business, and culture position him at the apex of roles of manager, change manager, scrum master, and program manager. See the results from Kees’s innovative insights in his Linkedin profile.

Popko Nieboer

Senior Consultant

Popko is a sharp, analytical thinker with an astute sense for quality. He is well adept in senior consultant roles, that focus on mapping and structuring complex enterprise environments into practical solutions. Popko embraces new IT environments and software at a detailed level, while keeping the “why?” of the overview always in focus. His extensive knowledge and experience yield results in testing, QA/QC, information analysis and the Agile Scrum methodology – and he is experienced in low-code Mendix development. You can find out more about Popko’s professional DNA is in his Linkedin profile.

Erik Bottenberg

Tech Lead

Erik is a sharp architect and implementer of business-critical Mendix apps. The combination of architectural and lead developer expertise enables him to bridge disciplines through a constructive understanding. Erik has in-depth knowledge of microservices architectures, integration patterns and business analysis. A team player, analytical, pragmatic, structured and result-oriented – Erik has 13 years of experience in RPD and low-code development. You can find out more about Erik’s diverse of capabilities and multifaceted skillset is in his Linkedin profile.

Michael Stremmelaar

Lead Developer

Michael readily applies his coding and project management acumen to get the desired results. He has a passion for processing outcomes until the added value is clearly realized. Michael’s key qualities include a proactive approach to software development with an eye for lean improvement of processes, and recognizing the very best in people and culture. His 7 years’ experience in low-code development – mostly as a lead developer – positions him to deliver the right solutions for the digital ambitions of any customer. See Michael’s sharp qualities in his Linkedin profile.

Jasper Donkers

Management Consultant

Jasper has a talent for moving from details to the abstract and back again to the finer details; in a more informed way while filtering out the noise and zooming in on the core issues. Trained as a political scientist and teacher of philosophy, he knows how to ask the question behind the question and has a flair for translating complex concepts into simple, everyday language. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. For him, technology is always about social organisation. Although a thinker by nature, he knows when the situation requires a more entrepreneurial approach. Moreover, he feels comfortable exploring concepts and domains that are new to him. Get a better idea of the breadth and depth of Jasper his interests and skillset by visiting his Linkedin profile.

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